Our Product

Skye Watch


The Skye Watch product is a safety/security system designed to monitor activities occurring in and around a motor vehicle.


The system consists of a video camera mounted unobtrusively to the interior rearview mirror of a vehicle and a microphone concealed in the top liner of the vehicle cabin. The system includes a receiver that processes the video and audio signals.  This data is stored on a hard drive within the receiver that can be placed in the trunk or any other secure location within a vehicle (glove compartment, console, under a seat, etc.). A data port designed for a USB interface is built into the receiver, and is electronically connected to the hard drive, thereby providing for the use of an external memory unit (i.e. a USB drive) to transfer memory from the hard drive.

Security from a Distance

A key feature of the transmitter is that it is configured to send data wirelessly to a remote location for display on a personal computer and/or cell phone. This enables real time transfer and display of the video and audio data recorded in and around the vehicle via the Internet.