Management Team

T. Addys Walker - Board Chair

As founding partner in the SAFEWATCH venture, T. Addys Walker brings a host of diverse experiences in a broad number of business, legal and government venues to the company profile. A student of the famed Sybil Mobley, PhD, founder of the renowned Florida A & M University School of Business & Industry, Addys began his career with an SBI marketing foundation reinforced by a criminology minor.  He went on to become the right hand of another famous consumer advocate, Florida Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter. Walker continued to broaden his professional experience in national sales for Arrow shirts. He became an investigator for two prominent law firms before partnering with Linda Bedell to establish the Paralegal Firm of North Florida.  Addys is also a licensed Private Investigator.

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Linda Bedell - President

A founding partner of SAFEWATCH and the President, Linda Bedell has established a reputation for tenacity, strength and very good instincts. She has a myriad of experiences as a legal assistant for prominent law firms and the Florida Attorney General’s Division on Ethics. Linda was quick to parley her many contacts and experiences into a foundation that would establish private non-profits benefiting the disabled and terminally ill. She went on to secure the necessary fundraising mechanisms needed to sustain these families. Linda believes strongly in research, innovation and continuing education as she completes her business administration training. Meanwhile, she joined T. Addys Walker in establishing the Paralegal Firm of North Florida and obtaining a license as a Private Investigator.

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Dr. Walter Davis - CEO

Dr. Walter Davis brings over thirty years of experience providing impeccable operations leadership as well as strong business management skills. Dr. Davis began his Business Management career while serving in the military and federal government, and then went on to achieve earning his Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration. He has extensive executive training throughout his career. He brings years of diverse professional experience, which includes serving in positions held at the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon and at The White House, where he worked for Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel & Readiness), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology), and the Office of the Secretary of Defense on a variety of assignments. Dr. Davis was responsible for monitoring the return on investments within the Department of Defense, while managing a $11.2 billion dollar budget for OSD Research & Development projects. He is also certified as a Project, Program, and Product Manager. In a civilian capacity, he has worked as President and CEO of Morris Allen & Associates, Inc. and Davis International Group for the past eight years. He has worked as an adjunct professor teaching business courses at California State University. Dr. Davis has won numerous awards. Notable was his Small Business Service Award in 2005 Dr. Davis is elated to be a member of the SAFEWATCH team and help to ensure the company’s success.

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